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В Музеї сучасного мистецтва Одеси відкривається виставка Іллі Чичкана “Психодарвінізм. Практичний гуманізм”

В Музеї сучасного мистецтва Одеси відбудеться виставка художника Іллі Чичкана. Новий цикл робіт присвячений шедеврам класичного реалістичного живопису. Художник іронізує... more ...

Вчора, сьогодні і завжди. Одеса в колекції Вадима Мороховського

18 червня 2021 року в Музеї сучасного мистецтва Одеси відкривається масштабна виставка «Вчора, сьогодні і завжди. Одеса в колекції Вадима... more ...
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Atlanets Valentin
1962 – graduated from GOAC. Member of nonconformist movement. NUAU member. He had his personal exhibitions in Canada, Finland, Germany and Odessa. He took part in numerous republican as well as foreign exhibitions. His works are kept at the exhibitions of NAMU, OAM and OMMA as well as in private collections in Ukraine and abroad.
Ananyan Vagan
He was born in Yerevan. From 1972 till1976 worked in the workshop of a famous Armenian sculptor Sergei Stepanyan. His first personal exhibition took place in Yerevan in 1977. From 1978 till 1993 he had numerous personal exhibitions in Yerevan, Moscow, St.Petersburg and Tallinn. His first personal exhibition in Odessa was held in 1996. His works are kept at OMMA expositions and in numerous private collections. 
Antonyuk Andrey

(Born in 1943)
1962 - graduated from GOAC. He has taken part in republican, All-Union and foreign expositions since 1966. Numerous personal expositions of the artist have been held since 1995. He is a member of NUAU. National Artist of Ukraine (1989.) His works are kept in the museums of Ukraine and in private collections of many countries. 

Anufriyev Alexander

(Born in 1940)
1959 -1963 – study at GUAG. He is one of the leaders of the second wave of Odessa avant-garde and nonconformist movement. He has taken part in different unofficial exhibitions and actions in Odessa, Moscow and Leningrad. In 1970 -1980 he worked in the field of monumental art. His works are kept in the museums of Odessa, and also in private collections of Ukraine and many foreign countries. He lives in the USA.

Asaba Anatoliy

He was born near Feodosia. In 1973 graduated from GOAC. A. Asaba is considered to be a member of Odessa nonconformist movement of the 70-s. The works of the Artist are kept at the expositions of OMMA and in many private collections. 

Atsmanchuk Alexander
Graduated from GOAC in 1947 (L.Muchnik’s workshop), and in 1953 – the painting department of Leningrad Art Institute (M. Avilov’s workshop). From 1953 till 1959 taught at GOAC. Paintings by A.Atsmanchuk are kept at NAMU, OAM, OMMA and MRAA, as well as in prestigious collections in Ukraine and abroad. 
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