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Ретроспективная выставка Владимира Стрельникова «Камень, который отвергли строители»

26 октября в 17:00 в выставочном зале МСИО (ул. Леонтовича, 5) состоится вернисаж выставки к 80-летию Владимира Стрельникова «Камень, который... more ...

PEREKROIKA [REMAKE]: Odessa Avant-Garde Fashion (1988-1998)

On 29th of August a big art project called Perekroika (Remake) dedicated to the avant-garde fashion of Odessa opens in... more ...
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Ananyan Vagan
He was born in Yerevan. From 1972 till1976 worked in the workshop of a famous Armenian sculptor Sergei Stepanyan. His first personal exhibition took place in Yerevan in 1977. From 1978 till 1993 he had numerous personal exhibitions in Yerevan, Moscow, St.Petersburg and Tallinn. His first personal exhibition in Odessa was held in 1996. His works are kept at OMMA expositions and in numerous private collections. 
«Violin Player»
«Violin Player»Ananyan Vagan, 110х90, 2000, c/o

«Violin Player»