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Ретроспективная выставка Владимира Стрельникова «Камень, который отвергли строители»

26 октября в 17:00 в выставочном зале МСИО (ул. Леонтовича, 5) состоится вернисаж выставки к 80-летию Владимира Стрельникова «Камень, который... more ...

PEREKROIKA [REMAKE]: Odessa Avant-Garde Fashion (1988-1998)

On 29th of August a big art project called Perekroika (Remake) dedicated to the avant-garde fashion of Odessa opens in... more ...
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Stepin Igor

 (Born in 1967)

He was born in Odessa. From 1982 till 1985 he was a rock musician. He was an active member of Odessa underground of the 80s. In 1986 he created the project “Martynchiki” together with Svetlana Martynchik, since then they have been working together. He is a co-author of numerous paintings, sculptures and books. Since 1993 he has lived and worked in Moscow. His works are kept in the museums of Ukraine and abroad.

«Gibraltar (or Poem about Glide)»
«Gibraltar (or Poem about Glide)»Stepin Igor, 82х72

«Gibraltar (or Poem about Glide)»