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Ретроспективная выставка Владимира Стрельникова «Камень, который отвергли строители»

26 октября в 17:00 в выставочном зале МСИО (ул. Леонтовича, 5) состоится вернисаж выставки к 80-летию Владимира Стрельникова «Камень, который... more ...

PEREKROIKA [REMAKE]: Odessa Avant-Garde Fashion (1988-1998)

On 29th of August a big art project called Perekroika (Remake) dedicated to the avant-garde fashion of Odessa opens in... more ...
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Sleshinsky Orest

He was born in Smolensk. In 1953 he graduated from GOAC, and in 1965 from Repin Leningrad Art Institute. From 1956 till 1975 he taught at GOAC. In the 90s he taught painting at the Art and graphics department of UOSPU. He was a member of NUAU since 1970. He was an Honored Artist of Ukraine since 1993. His works are kept in the museums and art galleries in Ukraine and abroad and in numerous private exhibitions.

Still life with pomegranates
Still life with pomegranatesOrest Sleshinsky, 65х60, 1990, oil on canvas

Still life with pomegranates
Windy Day in Sychavka
«Vilkovo. Toward Evening»