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Публічна програма до виставки “(не)означені”

There are no translations available. Публічна програма до виставки «(не)означені» включатиме лекції, дискусії, авторські тури та покази фільмів з... more ...

С 3 ноября по 16 декабря в МСИО пройдет выставка Стаса Волязловского (1971-2018)

There are no translations available.Первая в Украине посмертная выставка Стаса Волязловского «STAS и вся эта вышеупомянутая неразбериха с сегодняшним арт-рынком... more ...
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Zhalobnyuk Stanislav

(Born in 1976)

He was born in Odessa. He got his education in GOAC (from 1996 till 2001). He began his exhibition activity in 1999 and became a member of NUAU in 2006. He takes part in region, All-Ukrainian and international exhibitions and actions. His works are kept at OAM, OMMA and in private collections in Ukraine and abroad.

Зайвая Олеся
There are no translations available.


«Элтон»Олеся Зайвая, 76х88, 2010, х/см.тех.


Закордонец Юрий
There are no translations available.


«без названия»
«без названия»Юрий Закордонец, 100х100, 1989,

«без названия»
Zilberberg Yuriy

(Born in 1953)

He was born in Odessa. Studied from 1969 till 1971 at GOAC (taught by L. Kolesnik); from 1973 till 1975 studied at Gemal Dagestan Art College (taught by L. Ibragimova); from 1994 till 1996 studied at Odessa International Academy of Arts (taught by.А.Knyazik and G.Palatnikov). He has been a member of NUAU since 2002. He has had a number of personal exhibitions in Odessa since 1999. His works are exhibited at OMMA and are also kept in private collections.

Zilberman Anna


She was born in Odessa. She took part in “apartment exhibitions” in the 70s. Died in Israel. 

Zyuzin Vatslav

He was born in Odessa, where he still lives. He has graduated from GOAC. Since 2008 he has taken part in numerous group exhibitions. In 2008 he had two personal exhibitions. A work by V. Zyuzin is included into OMMA exposition.


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