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9 октября в Музей современного искусства Одессы пройдет открытие проекта «ТИРС»

«ТИРС» – название первого в нашей стране музея современного искусства, который был основан в Одессе, в 1990-м году, еще в... далее ...

28 августа откроется выставка культового художника Александра Шевчука «Садово-парковая скульптура»

В Музее современного искусства Одессы 28 августа откроется выставка культового художника Александра Шевчука «Садово-парковая скульптура». Творчество Александра Шевчука – неотъемлемая часть... далее ...
Главная Статьи Мирослав Кульчицкий "Новая жизнь ненужных вещей"
Мирослав Кульчицкий "Новая жизнь ненужных вещей"

 The New Life of the Useless Stuff. A project by Miroslav Kulchitsky

The New Life of the Useless Stuff. A project by Miroslav Kulchitsky“The New Life of the Useless Stuff” is the ongoing sustainable project, which has been started in December, 2012. I proposed the staff and shifters of Odessa Art Museum to collect and to bring together various “useless” things and materials accumulated in the Museum premises, instead of throwing them out, in order to construct a “sculptural composition” for the upcoming Museum show. After the object was erected, it was then displayed within the group exhibition “Yellow Giants”, where both the “designers” and visitors were proposed to think about a possible “individual” recycling of one or another construction element and to choose the one that could be used for their personal everyday needs. (The construction was accompanied by the “slogan”: “Try not to think about the meaning, just think about the recycling”). 

When the show was over, those who had chosen a certain “useless” thing, broken device or “needless” materials got an opportunity to take it for free and to use them for different purposes. As far as I succeeded in finding the trace of the taken stuff, around ten of its “elements” got the “new life”, particularly, a number of iron tubes were taken to be used for the repairs in the flats and houses; the broken engine was taken by shifters of the maintenance station, which is situated nearby, to be used for its purposes; the used canvasses were taken by an artist, etc. The general idea of the project is to provide a public with the “new service”, where the art functions as an alternative tool of recycling, and, at the same time, addresses the local topic of the day: non-efficiency of the existing recycling system and the lack of “recycling culture” among the citizens. On the other hand, the project challenges, on a “practical level”, the dominating system of “fast consumption”, while promoting the concept of “sustainable use of things”.