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9 октября в Музей современного искусства Одессы пройдет открытие проекта «ТИРС»

«ТИРС» – название первого в нашей стране музея современного искусства, который был основан в Одессе, в 1990-м году, еще в... more ...

28 августа откроется выставка культового художника Александра Шевчука «Садово-парковая скульптура»

В Музее современного искусства Одессы 28 августа откроется выставка культового художника Александра Шевчука «Садово-парковая скульптура». Творчество Александра Шевчука – неотъемлемая часть... more ...
Hall 5. Fantastic Folklore of Yuriy Kovalenko.

The place occupied by Yuriy Andreevich Kovalenko in the history of Odessa art tradition is unique. He was able to create the whole world, combining folklore legends and fantastic images in the cosmopolitan and skeptically - realistic city of Odessa. And he didn’t only create, but also made the spectators his allies and admirers, having assured them that it was natural and necessary for Odessa.

Unlike the works of numerous admirers of folklore (mostly rural), his works are the works of a city-dweller. They are inherent in irony, which spares nobody, not even the author himself. Delight with folklore never hides away from the author the tragic elements and wretchedness of some characters. Memories of his childhood in the village are far from a tender emotion – they are delicate and witty.

Hall 5 interior
Hall 5 interior

Hall 5 interior
«Winter in Priluki. 1982. Holidays»
«The Rape of Europa»
«Evening city»
«Odessa yard»
«Grandfather's Hut»
«Grandmother's Garden»
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As lots of artists of the second half of the XX century, Y.Kovalenko came to his view on creative work, his “brand” form and subject, having tried the “austere” style of the 60’s and Van Gogh’s expression. It was probably due to these schools, that his painting combines genre character, expression and dramatic effect. At the same time, his works are close to primitivism, folk idea of beauty with a festive transformation of the world, and also with a predominant principle “painting the way I know”, not “the way I see”. The impressions of life are implemented with a really picturesque temperament, an invisible opposition of “the old and the new”.
In the crazy whirlwind of his works an endless merry-go-round of life and images can be constantly seen. Maybe, it was Kovalenko’s theatre education which resulted in it. Regarding life as a fantastically various theatre, he became a producer, an actor and a spectator – and also carried us away with this phantasmagoric element. .