Exhibition “Closed System” by artist Natasha Schulte


Exhibition “Closed System” by artist Natasha Schulte

The artist analyzes the dominance of the system as a traumatic and ethically devoid experiment on the body. The combination of photography, painting and installations in the space of one exhibition complement each other and form the integrity of the story, which is a reflection on the current situation. In it, artificially formed images lead to painful, irreparable social and physical consequences.

Natasha Schulte is an artist working in various media, including photography, video and painting. She studied at the Speos School of Photography in Paris. She lives and works in Odesa. In her artistic practice, Schulte is interested in issues of social organization, psychology and human interaction with the environment.


Curator of the exhibition: Andriy Siguntsov.

The exhibition will open on July 4 at 17:00.

Admission to the opening is free.

The exhibition will last until July 11.