Space for creative initiatives "Arteria"

The Museum of Odesa Modern Art presents the Arteria space for creative initiatives.

The heart of art is in the young, green, unbiased, and it sends impulses to all organs of the artistic body of Ukraine.

The Arteria space exhibits what has not yet matured, has not yet been filled with the juice of arrogance, has not yet become frozen in a crystallized style of its own, and has not yet been formed into a hardened “ism”.

“Arteria is open to proposals from young and creative people, and all kinds of contemporary art are welcome.


Constant infusion of fresh blood and meanings, revitalization of the artistic process of our city and country.

1. “What is Arteria?

A space of creative initiatives for young artists, a creative laboratory at the Museum, open to all proposals coming from young creators. In other words, it is a self-governing artistic territory where there are no mentors or bosses. There is only a live creative process: exhibitions, discussions, debates, lectures, spontaneous actions – all the things that young artists tend to do in the process of self-identification and self-organization. The good news is that the Museum has allocated them a territory and its support (from financial to organizational). Now the main goal of the project is to constantly inject fresh blood, to revitalize the artistic process of our city and country.

2. The number of participants?
It should be explained right away that Arteria has no permanent members, their number is not regulated. This is a living process, in which there is no place for such regulations, which can only reduce its flexibility. There is only the initial data: A museum as a base in the broadest sense of the word and two coordinators (Olga Lannik and Roman Gromov) whose task is to structure the rapid activity of artists, set time frames for projects, and set a course for this stream of creativity.

3. Composition (who are the project coordinators inviting to participate)?
As already mentioned, the composition of participants will be constantly changing. It will depend on current projects and the initiative of the young artists themselves. The selection will be based on only one parameter: the artist must be young (under 35) and engaged in contemporary art (i.e., art that reflects the environment in an interesting way, lives and responds to today; which does not prevent such art from going into “eternity”).

4. What are the basic principles of work?
The principles of our work can be summarized from the previous answers. Since we are launching a live project, the principles of work will be formed as the space develops. Today, the main principles are equal opportunities for young artists to express themselves, to work professionally and responsibly, to constantly maintain a keen interest in what is happening on the territory of Arteria, whether it is an exhibition, an event, or a lecture, to work on the territory of contemporary art.

5. What do we ideally want to achieve as a result?
It is the ideal that we are looking for and that motivates us to develop “Arteria”. This ideal is a new generation of Odesa artists, formed in groups or consisting of individual original artists, but one that has taken place. We also want to get a space that would attract both artists and people interested in art (viewers, collectors, critics, museum workers, etc.), so that all participants in the cultural process could easily communicate. Ideally, it would be a place of attraction and, at the same time, a place of cultural value creation.


Olga Lannik
Roman Gromov

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