Exhibition of artists Serhiy Belik, Oleg Dimov and Dmytro Yevseyev “Paradise Lost”


Exhibition of artists Serhiy Belik, Oleg Dimov and Dmytro Yevseyev “Paradise Lost”

On November 25, 2023, Odesa Museum of West&East Art together with the Museum of Odesa Modern Art open an exhibition by artists Serhiy Belik, Oleh Dimov, and Dmytro Yevseyev entitled “Paradise Lost”.

Man is always looking for Paradise.

That place of perfect being and eternal happiness. Everyone has their own – individual or public, physical or mystical. But, in any case, this Paradise is strikingly different from the Present – it is always the antonym of modern reality.

Regardless of religious views, people idealize this goal, making it intimate and sacred. In order to achieve it, by criticizing and refusing, we sacrifice that and, most often, those around us.

The burden that haunts people in pursuit of what they want is the fear that Paradise was once close, that it could be obtained.

But a person walks a different path, and often comes to understand the value of what has been lost.

Is it possible to get back what you have given up? To prove your repentance and find out if it will be enough?

Is there a chance to get off the path that you already know “from and to”? To overcome indifference and the realization of the endlessness of the search that leads nowhere. And desperate attempts to replace what has been lost by resorting to imitation.

Is it possible for us to reach the lost paradise?

Or at least accept that there was a paradise before?

The exhibition presents the works of three artists. Outwardly “clear”, realistic images hide the philosophical and theological ideas of the authors.

The works are filled with unexpected plots and details, none of which are accidental. The artists often introduce fabrics into their works, which give familiar subjects mystery, enigma and mysticism, raise questions, and force them to rethink the works. Virtuoso accuracy of reproduction of objects and realistic technique are used to convey the depth of the authors’ reflections.

At the exhibition “Paradise Lost” paintings, installations, photographs and video art will help the viewer to look at the fate of humanity through the eyes of artists.


The exhibition is curated by Anna Morokhovska.

The opening of the exhibition “Paradise Lost” will take place on November 25 at 3 p.m. at 9 Pushkinska Street.

The exhibition “Paradise Lost” will run until 21.01.2024.