The Story of One Body will be shown in the space of the exhibition “Paradise Lost” at the Museum of Odesa Modern Art


The Story of One Body will be shown in the space of the exhibition “Paradise Lost” at the Museum of Odesa Modern Art

“The Story of One Body” is a performance about the individual that can manifest itself and find its universal place in the social.

The space of “The Story of One Body” is located inside the installation and can accommodate only TEN viewers. The show is supported by the Museum of Odesa Modern Art.

The body is full of stories. It reacts and influences. It absorbs contexts and experiences, and it is never alone.

The body is full of stories. They consist of points on the map of Bessarabia, the Black Sea, its bays and spits, and Odesa as an island.

The body speaks Russian, Ukrainian, Bulgarian, and southern surzhyk mixed with forgotten Yiddish.
The body becomes a source of possibilities. Its affects, sounds and movements not only record past histories, but also have the potential for new ones.

The work is created in dialogue with the concept of the “Body without Organs” first proposed in 1947 by Antonin Artaud, a French writer, actor, playwright and theater theorist.

The work is a collaboration between Victoria Khoroshilova and Alexander Loginov. The installation is based on a kinetic sculpture by Vasya Dmytryk.

The creative team:

Performers: Victoria Khoroshilova, Alexander Loginov

Plastic solutions: Victoria Khoroshylova

Visual solutions: Oleksandr Loginov, Vasya Dmytryk Sound design: Arseniy Vasylenko

Mentor support: Anna Vinogradova

Movement consultant: Oksana Mohilko

Playwright: Yulia Gudoshnyk

Victoria Khoroshylova is a movement artist, dancer. She is a co-founder and member of the performative group P.L.O.T. (Odesa). Since June 2022, she has been on an artistic residency at the Skone Dance Theatre (Malmö, Sweden). Currently, she works as a freelance dancer, performer and choreographer.

In her artistic practice, she focuses on civic activism, the realisation of human creativity, and issues of personal freedom and responsibility.

Oleksandr Loginov is an artist, architect, and musician. He collaborated with the Odesa Art Museum on the Cross-booking Platform project and installed exhibition spaces. As a performer, he participated in music videos for the band O (Ukraine) and Nebala (Denmark).

He is currently working on his own Ukrainian-language music project Otaku Otako. With this project, Oleksandr manifests the strengthening of the spirit, the awakening of compassion and contact with one’s own nature in times of trial.

The work is made possible by the Antonin Artaud Fellowship, provided by the Proto produkciia Foundation and the Opera aperta Contemporary Opera Laboratory. The special competition for the South is part of the programme “Cultural Bridges: support of cultural figures from the Southern regions of Ukraine” implemented by Insha Osvita with the support of the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) Ukraine Confidence Building Initiative (UCBI).


The presentation of the dance performance “The Story of One Body” will take place on 17 December, at 13:00 and 14:30, at the Odesa Museum of Oriental and Western Art, 9 Pushkinska Street.

Entrance: to watch the show, you need to buy a ticket to the temporary exhibition of the Odesa Museum of Western and Eastern Art.

Ticket price for adults: 100 UAH.

Since the performance space can accommodate only TEN spectators, you need to choose the time of your visit at 13:00 or 14:30 and register:

The audience can take part in the performance according to certain rules.