Alienation decor


Alienation decor

This concept is becoming increasingly relevant as post-industrial society spreads to more and more megacities.
Alienation of everything and everyone…
Factories from their former workers.
Railway stations from the people who once moved away from them.
Young people from their similar but older counterparts.
All that’s left is social media and music on headphones.
Forcibly marginalised young people in depressed cities and countries come together to transform public spaces forgotten by people.
These generals of alienated spaces create their own world. They decorate with the means available to them: ornaments and writings.
Decor becomes a business card, a mark, a form of self-realisation, an example of the urban subculture of post-industrial society.
Clean and decent citizens want very much to shut themselves off from this world, reducing it to hooliganism.
But this phenomenon has become too mass.
Many wall works are too expressive and talented.

As part of its street art research programme, the Museum of Odesa Modern Art presents the exhibition “Alienation Decor”, which will exhibit documentation of Odesa’s graffiti of recent years.
Also, together with the Arteria creative initiatives space at the MoOMA, the project “Sweden-Ukraine connection _ Finsta & R37” will be presented, featuring two bright representatives of the graffiti world from Stockholm – Finsta (Finsta) and Odesa – RSR37 (R37).


The opening of the exhibition will take place at 5 p.m on 27.03.2014 in the exhibition hall of the Museum of Odesa Modern Art, and the presentation of the experimental project will take place in the halls of Arteria on 29 March at 5 p.m.