ARTERIA. Ukrainian woman complex


ARTERIA. Ukrainian woman complex

On 21 February 2014 the Museum of Odesa Modern Art invites to the opening of the youth space of creative initiatives “Arteria”.

We hope that this will be a maximally self-governing territory and we, “elderly” employees of the Museum, will come there as guests and enjoy young talents and energy.

And so: a word to the young!


The heart of art is in the young, green, unbiased, and from it impulses flow to all organs of the artistic body of Ukraine.

The goal of Arteria is a constant infusion of fresh blood and meanings, revitalising the artistic process of our city and country.

The Arteria space will exhibit what has not yet fledged, not yet poured with the juice of ego, not yet hardened in its own crystallised style, not yet formed into a crusted “ism”.


Настя носила шаблю, шаровари, шапку
i тримала у себе ватагу козаків,
а ніхто того не знав, що вона дівка…
Кілька років правила вона за козака.
А як умерла, то тоді тільки й дізналися,
що вона дівка.
(народный пересказ «Могила Насті»)


The mission of the project is to understand the complex and ambiguous position of Ukrainian women in modern society and, in particular, to analyse and reflect their vulnerable and often ambiguous position as Ukrainian citizens outside the country.
What prevents Ukrainian women from self-identifying today? The Ukrainian woman’s complex includes both her psychological fixations and the complex as a set of unique qualities that make her Ukrainian. If we think in modern terms, we should abandon rhetoric about the characteristics of a particular race, nationality, or gender. Not only for reasons of tolerance, but also based on the premise of the universality of the messages transmitted by art, it would be worth abandoning this. The only reason why it is impossible to avoid this topic is its acute relevance in both social and political terms.
The exhibition features young artists from Ukraine, Russia and Georgia.




Project curator: Olga Lannik

Opening of the Arteria space and exhibition:
21 February 2014 at 6 p.m.
Press conference: 21 February at 5:30 p.m.