And now MoOMA is celebrating its anniversary! We are 5 years old!


And now MoOMA is celebrating its anniversary! We are 5 years old!

Dear friends!

We are happy to announce our anniversary!
We are 5 years old!

We have prepared an extensive celebratory programme that will probably interest you. We have grouped all the planned events on 4 and 16 April. We hope that you will have enough energy to visit us both times.

The programme of
of events dedicated to the celebration of
5th anniversary of the Museum of Odesa Modern Art

4.04.13. The beginning is at 16.00.
– Project by Françoise Oz and Bohdan Perevertun “Cosmic René-Saëns”
– Exhibition “Graphics…Graphics…Graphics…Graphics… Yevhen Rachmanin. Nikolai Novikov. Vyacheslav Gorbunov”

16.04.13. Opening at 17.00.
– Exhibition of Ivan Tsyupka “THE SHINING”
– Exhibition “Mykhailo Chereshnya is 75!”
– Exhibition of gifts from the Museum.

On the first day of the anniversary celebration, we prepared a project by Françoise Oz and Bohdan Perevertun “Space Renaissance” as the central event.
Throughout its “conscious” life, humanity has been asking the same question in various forms: “Who are we? What is our place in the world?” At the same time, we understand the “world” adequately with our knowledge and skills.
With the growth of knowledge, the creation of what in twentieth-century Russia would be called the “noosphere”, the sphere of influence and human claims extends to the Cosmos. The achieved accumulation of knowledge facilitates the transition to a new system. Without cosmic, all-encompassing thinking, humanity will not be able to overcome the current crisis of the “Man-Nature” confrontation.

We must realise that life and the human mind are a great cosmic force. After all, as a part of nature and a participant in the great cycle of existence, man seeks to improve everything around him, regulates the processes of nature, and is himself a part of nature and its mind. Life is eternal, just as the cosmos is eternal. Life, the builder of the Earth, is increasingly becoming a cosmic actor.
Such classic and complex ideas were realised by Bogdan and Francoise, representatives of a new generation of thinking Odesa artists. They consider these problems to be relevant and tried to illustrate them with a combination of almost mystical, abstract video; luminous objects; images of German engravings and drawings of spacecraft.

And if you add cool music, it becomes clear that those who come to the MoOMA to see the Space Renaissance project opening will have an interesting event.
The exhibition will run until 14 May.

On 4 April we also offer to see the exhibition “Graphics… Graphics… Graphics… Graphics….”.
All museums keep in their collections works that, for various reasons that are difficult to understand, are rarely exhibited, although they undoubtedly deserve it.
As a proof of our “maturation”, we have prepared a small exhibition of wonderful graphic works in the MoOMA’s collections.

The exhibition will run until 15 April.