BODY & SOUL : Françoise Oz and Bogdan Perevertun


BODY & SOUL : Françoise Oz and Bogdan Perevertun

Art and love. Françoise Oz and Bogdan Perevertun will present their personal project Body&Soul at the Museum of Odesa Modern Art.

On 16 June, the personal project of the Odesa creative tandem – Françoise Oz and Bogdan Perevertun – opens at the MoOMA. Exploring the aesthetics of conceptual art, they have developed a well-recognised author’s style based on minimalism, monochrome and the use of decorative chains in paintings. The visual language of the creative tandem of Françoise and Bogdan is filled with coded symbols. Interaction with the viewer is based on reading these symbols.

In their new project, the authors take a decisive step towards colour, while maintaining their characteristic moderation of a graphic monochrome approach. This strategy allows for an immersive exploration of the internal interrelationships of opposites, both social and personal. In addition to paintings, the exhibition will include sculptures and installation. In the authors’ reflection, fundamental oppositions acquire an acute personal connotation: stereotypical behavioural patterns fall apart to poetic slogans, exposing the absurdity of the stereotype; cold images and textual dominance draw the viewer into the space of intuitive research; intimacy takes on a repressive and exhausting tone.

The social line in Body&Soul is imbued with a sense of the precariousness of contemporary reality. Françoise and Bogdan reveal the gaps in this matrix with true youthful mischief, as if following Guy Debord’s testament – “The hopeless conditions of the society in which I live fill me with hope”. Strict ratio or trust in sensory experience? The artists expose the opposites and, through opposition, point to a possible middle path of unifying harmony. Françoise says that only love and art are the main driving principles of their work. After taking a closer look at the Body&Soul exhibition, it would be impossible to disagree.
Françoise Oz and Bogdan Perevertun have been working together as artists and designers for over 7 years. They are included in the list of TOP10 young artists of Odesa according to the “HUDPROMO” gallery, participants of group and solo projects at many major Ukrainian art venues. Together develop the accessories brand FRANCOISE OZ.


The vernissage will take place on 16 May at 5 p.m.

We are waiting for you at the Museum of Odesa Modern Art, at 5 Belinskogo Street.