Creative residence “Khvylya”


Creative residence “Khvylya”


The Museum of Odesa Modern Art together with the Ukrainian-Danish Youth House announces a competition for participation in the residency, which will take place on August 29 – September 12 at the Khvylya sanatorium (Kyiv region). As part of an international project, we would like to invite 20 professionals to a residency aimed at finding new directions for development, interaction, and rethinking creative activity. The aim of the project is to create a safe place to live and unite artists from different fields of art and promote the development of contemporary Ukrainian culture and democratic principles within the country.

The residency provides accommodation, meals, and a workshop. To participate in the residency, you should send your portfolio with detailed information about your creative activity to

The residency will culminate in a final art event, which will be open to everyone. The application deadline is August 20, 2022.

Selected participants will receive confirmation of their acceptance no later than August 23. 

Project curator – Andriy Siguntsov



The first artistic residency supported by the Ukrainian-Danish Youth House and the Museum of Odesa Modern Art “Khvylya” has already passed its conditional “equator” and will soon present the results of its work!

Our new collective can be characterized as a team with an unstable number of participants, so for now we’ll just announce the list of those who have already visited:

Dmitry Zayets

Andriy Savinykh

Doroshenko Konstantin

Dmytro Bolyukh

Lesenko Igor

Sergienko George

Agapeev Vitaliy

Finogeev Maxim

Iskra Marina

Pasieka Anastasia

Skoryna Ivan

Khorkov Leonid

Nevzglyad Daniel

Ivanenko Yevhen

Malinowski Anton

Segal Alexandra

Golovyashkin Vladislav

Verkhovska Oleksandra

Bondarenko Alisa

Zhdanova Elizaveta

Mikhailov Roman

Balula Eduard

Bogomolova Maria

Anton Tkachenko

Galchenko Pavlo

Martynenko Andrii

Mykhailo Alekseenko

Pavlyuk Maxim

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