Elina Malygina. Egomorphosis


Elina Malygina. Egomorphosis

On 14 January, the Museum of Odesa Modern Art opens an exhibition “Egomorphosis” by Latvian artist Elina Malygina.
In recent years Elina has successfully entered the world of contemporary European culture. Active stage activity (E. Malygina is a leading actress of the theatre “Dailes”) and visual art projects (painting, video-art, performances) allowed the author to present her vision of Man, his problems and desires to the fullest extent.

The main theme of Elina’s works is the modern woman, her loneliness and desire to stay on the catwalk, pain and narcissism, irony and dreaminess. Already in the first exhibition “Fest antifrigia” she struck by the seriousness of the theme, so unusual for a young and successful woman.

Malygina’s new project “Egomorphosis”, which includes harshly expressive painting and a somewhat provocative video, questions the obvious boundaries between right and wrong, beauty and ugliness, ethical and unethical. All that remains is the desire for continuous development and transformation, creative and sexual freedom, which is the strongest driving force of courageous individuals and artists.

E. Melygina was born in Riga in 1986. She graduated from the Riga Central School of Crafts and Arts, the Latvian Academy of Art, where she specialised in painting and composition, and the Riga School of Culture, specialising in art science. She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from the Latvian Academy of Culture.


The vernissage of the project “Egomorphosis” will take place in the MoOMA Exhibition Hall (specially renovated for this event) on 14.01.2017 at 5 p.m.

The exhibition will last until 29.01.2017