Exhibition of modern Lithuanian textiles “PHOTO-VIDEO-MEDIA-TEXTILES”


Exhibition of modern Lithuanian textiles “PHOTO-VIDEO-MEDIA-TEXTILES”

Within the framework of the largest joint interstate project of Lithuania and Ukraine “Lithuania-Ukraine. Cultural Partnership 2016” at the Odessa Museum of Contemporary Art (July 8–August 15) a unique exhibition of modern Lithuanian textiles “PHOTO-VIDEO-MEDIA TEXTILES” will be held.

The purpose of the exhibition “PHOTO-VIDEO-MEDIA TEXTILES” is to demonstrate the synergy of textiles and modern media and technologies. The works presented at the exhibition indicate that the view of textile art has changed – it has become an integral part of modern art. Traditionally, textiles are seen as an applied art that has been cherished for centuries, with exceptional attention paid to its functionality, materials and technique. In the context of this exhibition, textiles are one of the forms of manifestation that determine the emotional and intellectual suggestibility of artistic works.

The combination of all means of expression in creativity is determined by the dominant idea in it. Textiles in this case are one of many possible media that are revealed in synthesis with photography, animation, video and media art. The exhibition consists of contemporary works: examples of a combination of classical weaving and digital printing, objects, installations, documentation of performances and artifacts. Here you will not find traditional textiles, but the fundamental connection with materials, structures, patterns, as well as ethnoculture remains.

Project “Lithuania-Ukraine. Cultural Partnership 2016 is intended not only to present the diverse and multifaceted Lithuanian culture to the Ukrainian audience, but also to strengthen cultural ties, support and promote the development of close cooperation and exchange of experience between the two states. Throughout 2016, as part of the project, Ukrainians are getting acquainted with such manifestations of Lithuanian culture as photography, architectural design, literature, music, theater, art and fashion.


ORGANIZERS: Institute of Contemporary Art Problems of the National Academy of Arts of Ukraine, Dnipro Art Museum, Museum of Odesa Modern Art, Vilnius Academy of Arts, Institute of Culture of Lithuania.

CURATOR: Egle Ganda Bogdanienė.

ARTISTS PRESENTED AT THE EXHIBITION: Laima Oržyakauskienė, Monika Žaltkauskaite-Grašienė, Lina Jonike, Severija Incirauskaite-Kriaunievicienė, Elena Škulienė, Jurate Peatruškievičienė, Egle Ganda Bogdanienė, Laura Pavilonytė-Ežiarskienė, Austė Jurgialionytė-Varne, Kazimieras Incirauskas, Laura Motiejunaite, Arturas Morozovas.

EXHIBITION OF MODERN LITHUANIAN TEXTILES “PHOTO-VIDEO-MEDIA-TEXTILES”: The opening day of the exhibition will take place on July 8 at 18.00 at the Museum of Odesa Modern Art.

LECTURE “ACTIVE TEXTILES” AND WORKSHOP: Lecture and creative workshop with prof. Egle Ganda Bogdanene will take place on July 9 at 18.00. at the Museum of Odesa Modern Art.