Exhibition of Oleg Kutsky’s works “Real Virtuality”


Exhibition of Oleg Kutsky’s works “Real Virtuality”

From 3 to 26 November 2017, the Museum of Odesa Modern Art will present an exhibition of Oleg Kutskiy’s works “Real Virtuality”.

The number of awards from various domestic and foreign institutions that Oleg Kutskiy has received for his photographs probably far exceeds the results of his colleagues. His reportage photographs are distinguished by an unexpected, attentive, kind and ironic look. He is very productive and omnipresent. We, the citizens of Odesa, are already accustomed to the works of O. Kutskiy and often perceive the real world around us through his photographic evidence.

The new series of works presented at the anniversary exhibition of the Master represents a completely different world – a virtual one, created by the artist and transferred to paper.

We are accustomed to the concept of “virtual reality”, in which “virtual objects exist, but not as substances of the real world”, but as “a world created by technical means, transmitted to a person through his or her senses”. Kutskyi creates quite real graphic works of fine art out of virtual experiences.

It would seem that we are dealing with a familiar and reliable abstraction. But these real paintings give off an unusual emanation. The images, their rhythm and angles excite and do not let go of the viewer. Something not very clear exists in these real prints of the man-made world. Maybe their lifeless detachment? Or their inevitable laminarity? They are perfect for illustrating Solaris or S. Lemme’s Invincible.

At least there is a mystery (along with aesthetics) in these works. And this makes it possible to recommend coming to the vernissage of an interesting contemporary art project at the MoOMA on 3 November at p.m.