“Hidden Gems” retrospective exhibition by Svetlana Yusim


“Hidden Gems” retrospective exhibition by Svetlana Yusim

On March 15, the Museum of Contemporary Art in Odesa together with the Odesa Museum of Western and Eastern Art open a retrospective exhibition of Svitlana Yusim “Hidden Gems”.

Svitlana Yusym was a talented artist, a brilliantly educated intellectual, and a teacher. However, it was only in the last years of her life that she began to actively exhibit her work. Art cannot exist without a viewer. Therefore, the best place for paintings is in museums, where they are always accessible and open to the public.
What about works that have been hidden in desks for decades? Works that have not yet met their audience? The retrospective exhibition Hidden Gems presents Svitlana Yusim’s works in a place worthy of their respect – in the halls of the museum. From the collages and monumental paintings that started her career to the abstract works built on the internal organization of the apparent chaos of spontaneous gestures – the apogee of her work.
The purpose of Hidden Gems is not only to present the artist’s works, but also to follow her in her creative path, to study the works in the context of her life, the circumstances and challenges she faced.
This exhibition seeks to highlight and mark the significance and contribution of Svitlana Yusim to Ukrainian art.


Curated by Anna Morokhovska

The opening of the exhibition “Hidden Gems” will take place on February 15 at 15:00 at 9 Pushkinskaya Street.

The exhibition will run from March 15 to April 20, 2024.