KVITEN. Exhibition of contemporary art


KVITEN. Exhibition of contemporary art

KVITEN is an exhibition of contemporary art by young Ukrainian artists that is currently traveling across Ukraine towards Europe. After the grand event in Kyiv called BEREZEN, which took place on March 30 at the Kudryavka living culture space, the exhibition arrived in Odesa. The opening will take place with the support of the Museum of Contemporary Art of Odesa at the Museum of Western and Eastern Art on April 19, and will feature 17 painters and sculptors accompanied by a magical performance by an electronic musician.

The main goal of the exhibition is to demonstrate the existence of young blood in Ukrainian art, which continues to look for new forms and new vectors of development, despite the destructive and oppressive conditions in which our entire society finds itself. The war is the starting point from which a new countdown in the discourse of the avant-garde begins, namely, it raises the question: what does the “avant-garde” mean for a new creator now?

If the first year of the full-scale invasion forced us to document and process the horrific events of the armed attack as much as possible, raising questions about death and life, now it is time to explore how we are gradually finding ourselves and in what direction the artist’s thought is evolving during the third year of the great tragedy. First of all, it is a demonstration of the statement that we continue to work on one big thing – to rebuild the foundations of freedom and democracy, freedom of thought and worldview, as well as to foster respect for the environment, which generates interest and contributes to the contemporary culture not only in Ukraine but also in the world.


Opening of the exhibition: April 19 / 15:00-18:00

The exhibition will run from: April 19 – May 19, 2024

Address: 9 Pushkinska St., Museum of Western and Eastern Art

Entrance fee: free on the opening day / then – 100 UAH