Museum collection: a new exhibition


Museum collection: a new exhibition

On 23 August, at 6 p.m. a new exhibition of the museum’s collection will open in the main building of the MoOMA. The museum’s collection includes works by Odesa artists from the 1950s to the present day, belonging to various artistic trends and movements of the unofficial art of Odesa.

The new exhibition of the Museum of Odesa Modern Art continues the experiment launched in 2017 and departs from the traditional types of museum exhibitions based on strict historical and chronological principles.

“The museum will not just showcase selected works from its collection, but will invite the viewer to engage in dialogue and discuss important personal and social issues together,” says Semyon Kantor, director of the MoOMA and co-curator of the exhibition.

The curators combine different schools, styles, and languages, demonstrating the idea of art as a sensual and rational reflection on man, nature, and society in their complex interconnections and relationships. The exhibition is conventionally structured by floors (“thematic levels”) and halls (visual “podcasts”). Moreover, the structuring is done only spatially, without a clear formulation of thematic boundaries and titles.

“The new exhibition of the MoOMA offers you not undisputed “samples” of the artistic activity of Odesa authors of different generations, but an entry into the process of co-reflection and empathy about the problems that concern everyone,” explains Mikhail Rashkovetsky, co-curator of the exhibition, independent consultant of the MoOMA.


The exhibition will include an extensive educational programme dedicated to Odesa art and contemporary museum practices.

Curators of the exhibition: Semen Kantor, Mykhailo Rashkovetsky, Volodymyr Chygrynets.