Since 28 November 2013, the Museum of Odesa Modern Art has been presenting a permanent exhibition NEW.

We invite you to visit the qualitatively renewed Museum.
A large number of new exhibits have been added to the museum’s collection, and a new concept of their display has been developed.

All sections of the MoOMA collection have been updated:
– The halls dedicated to the work of the Odesa group of non-conformists will be decorated with a rare self-published set of postcards “Odesa Artists” from 1980, donated to the Museum by Lyubov Zaeva;
– two works by Vadym Hrynberg, made in his own technique, as well as a canvas by Vadym Kucher-Kutsan are included in the section “Modernism after Nonconformism”;
– this section includes a hall dedicated to the search for new ideas and symbols by modernist artists;
– the section of contemporary art movements that emerged “after modernism” has been updated so radically that we can talk about a fundamentally new exposition, and the concept of the exposition itself has been changed no less radically;
– the exhibition includes both new works by famous Odesa artists created in 2013 for the III Odesa Biennial of Modern Art and a number of works created in the 90s that have already become legendary. These are works by Igor Gusev, Larysa Zvezdochetova, Myroslav Kulchytskyi, Oleksandr Roitburd and Oleksandr Shevchuk;
– a fundamentally important step for the ICA staff is the museumisation and exhibition of works and video documentation of Odesa Art Traders’ actions (curated by I. Gusev);
– An extremely important and probably unique event is the transfer by the Odesa City Administration to the MoOMA of the Odesa fragment of Oksana Mas’s installation, presented by the artist to the City, for a long-term exhibition – this is the first case of a successful partnership between our Museum and state institutions.

It should also be noted that the facade and interiors, the garden and auxiliary buildings have been so significantly restored that we can talk about a new museum!

We hope that the above arguments will be enough to come and see the NEW MUSEUM OF ODESA MODERN ART, in a word – NEW!

The exhibition opens on 28 November 2013 at 6 p.m.