On Time


On Time

This best of all worlds is a work of art. Mysterious demiurge of different religious denominations, no less mysterious physical, chemical and biological processes – it doesn’t matter. What is important is that in our world there is never too much art. However, we will try to correct this imperfection.

The festival “On Time x Chervona Kalyna” will feature an exhibition of contemporary art. It will consist of three parts: video art by the Museum of Odesa Modern Art, performance and contemporary interventions. And we leave it to you to interpret what “contemporary interventions” are.

Video art is a branch of media art that uses the possibilities of video technology, computer and television images to express an artistic concept. The video art of each Ukrainian city, from Odesa to Kyiv to Kharkiv, has its own artistic peculiarities. 

And Odesa media art had the best local exhibition history in the 1990s. At the exhibition you will see the best examples of Odesa video art by its best masters – Uta Kiter, Oleksandr Roitburd, Oleksandr Shevchuk, Ihor Husev, Myroslav Kulchytskyi and Vadym Chekorskyi.

The students of the DAKH School from the already iconic DAKH Theater will show an audio-body improvisation based on a common sense of states, images, and plots. Only 10 performers who will use their bodies and minds as material for the creative act know what this means. It is quite possible that with trust and deep immersion, you will be able to see sounds with your eyes and hear emotions with your ears, and without any psychoactive substances.

And the artist Jan Baczynski and the mystic Aliona Tokovenko will use the language of their own art, squeezed out drop by drop from their own experience, to complement your transgression from an ordinary visitor to a real art critic. 

We are waiting for you together with the artists and the indescribable deity of art, who wants your prayers