As is customary at the Museum of Odesa Modern Art, after the completion of large-scale projects dedicated to the City Day, we will open the main museum exhibition on 16 September 2016. And, as usual at the MoOMA, the exposition has been significantly modernised.

This time, however, the new exhibition is not the end of the work of the MoOMA team, but its beginning. The Museum of Odesa Modern Art is preparing for a qualitative renovation! The conceptually renewed exhibition is the first step in the Museum’s change. To increase the effectiveness of our efforts, we have invited Alisa Lozhkina, a specialist who does not require comments or a CV link, to curate the update of the MoOMA.

The move to update the brand will be carried out as publicly as possible. Therefore, within the framework of the scientific conference “Problems of Cultural Identity in Contemporary Art and Museum Practice”, on 16.09.16, together with the Department of Cultural Studies and Art History of ONPU, a round table on the topic: “What should the Museum of Modern Art of Odesa be like?” will be held. We hope that we will have an interesting discussion, which will result in defining the main tasks of updating the MoOMA.

In the meantime, we are presenting a conceptually updated exposition. You will find several new halls with new exhibits.

We are changing the principles of forming the Museum’s exposition – as is customary all over the world, we asked our friends and colleagues to provide the most representative works of contemporary visual art of Odesa for a long-term exhibition. We are pleased to say that we have not received a single refusal! Thanks to the NT-Art gallery and its founder Anatoliy Dymchuk, private collectors Yevhen Golubovsky, Tamara Mykhailychenko, Natalia Sichkar and Irina Strelnikova, we managed to improve the exhibition. However, we consider the most important collaboration to be the support provided by the director of the Odesa Museum of Western and Oriental Art, Ihor Poronnyk, in transferring several works by Oleg Sokolov from the OMAWIA funds for long-term exhibition at the MoOMA. This is a qualitatively different kind of cooperation between museums, which is not common in Ukraine (unlike the rest of the civilised world), and even of different forms of ownership. Once again, Odesa demonstrates a unique level of public understanding of the importance of preserving and displaying cultural artefacts.

The updated MoOMA exhibition will be open from 12.00 on 16 September 2016.