Social magnetism


Social magnetism

It is convenient to describe the current model of social behaviour using the metaphor of “social magnetism”: when we get into certain “magnetic fields”, we find ourselves objects of attraction/repulsion. Like magnetic arrows, we turn towards “magnetised” social phenomena (political, cultural, historical, religious, economic, marketing, etc.) and are “attracted” to them – whether it is the personal magnetism of a politician or the magnetism of a “prestigious thing” – depriving ourselves of the need for a conscious individual choice.

In today’s world, the mass media serve as a tool of “magnetisation”, which “not only spreads social conventions but also increases their impact on the mass audience” (S. Melrose).

How do we regain the status of a subject, how, feeling the “irresistible” force of attraction, do we maintain the critical distance from the “magnetised” social phenomenon that allows us to make our real choices? How to establish a space of “social freedom” in a situation of “total magnetism”?

Social magnetism largely determines the patterns of our existence and action in the modern world, our social choices. Are we able to develop effective mechanisms of self-orientation in a “media society”, to make our individual and collective choices based on our own critical assessments and independent judgements?

A prerequisite for such a realisation (and therefore a prerequisite for social freedom) is the acquisition of a comprehensive, “contextual” vision of the surrounding reality; an independent, critical view of its phenomena. A view capable of distinguishing between…

As part of the Social Magnetism project, we invited artists to imagine social phenomena that have a pronounced “magnetism” and “polarity”, to identify and articulate “points” of attraction/repulsion (“poles”), which in an absolute sense are not any opposite points, but only places of contact between the internal and external processes of the social cycle.


The project is curated by Myroslav Kulchytskyi.

Participants: Iryna Berezhko, Bondero, Maria Gonchar, Roman Gromov, Ihor Husiev, Dmytro Dulphan, Stas Zhalobniuk, Ivan Zhukovsky, Myroslav Kulchytskyi, Oleh Kutskyi, Mykola Lukin, Natalia Marynenko, Pavlo Nikolaiev, Françoise Oz, Dmytro Oreshnikov, Bohdan Perevertun, Sashko Proletarskyi, Lev Reisman, Larysa Rezun-Zvezdochetova, Zoya Sokol, Ivan Tsyupka, Oleksandr Shevchuk.