The night housewarming of the Museum of Odesa Modern Art


The night housewarming of the Museum of Odesa Modern Art

Dear friends!

MoOMA is moving again. This time, probably for a very long time. The new address of the Museum will soon be: 5 Belinskogo Street, Odesa.

The date of the beginning of the new life of the MoOMA was not chosen by chance, it is not connected with the signing of all the necessary documents or the completion of repairs – we will be settling in for a long time.

It’s just that the MoOMA joined the celebration of International Museum Day and the European Museum Night.

For us (and, we hope, for you), it will be the most memorable celebration of the Museum Night – at 9:30 p.m. on 18 May 2013 we will open a new Museum, or rather its new building! We hope that we will be able to create here a full-fledged Centre for Modern Art in the classical sense of the term.

The new history of this architectural monument begins with the exhibition project “Social Magnetism” by Myroslav Kulchytskyi and the exhibition by Lyudmyla Yastreb and Viktor Maryniuk.

On 5 June, the International Jazz Festival will present a unique multimedia installation by world-renowned musician and fantastically versatile author Vladimir Tarasov entitled The Sixties.

All these projects were not chosen by chance. We are entering a complex, newly built facility from the NBTI list. This is a building with its own history. It is an architectural monument. It was built by one of the most famous Odesa architects, Yuri Melentiyovych Dmytrenko, in 1906 for S. Gizhytskyi, a resident of the classical Odesa that soon disappeared, but the symbols of one of the lodges of freemasons, the Freemasons, remained forever on its facade. We don’t know what or who was in this building before the war, but afterwards it housed the USSR Navy’s counterintelligence, the Bulgarian Consulate, the Odesa branch of the Writers’ Union, the Peace Protection Council, and offices of various companies.

In 1982, one of the first official exhibitions of the late Lyudmyla Yastreb took place here. There are many legends about artists’ contacts with the temporary residents of this building. But today, as we hope, a new life begins, or rather, the old life returns – normal Odesa culture returns to this building – artists return!

They are not returning to destroy everything – the residents and shadows of the past must be respected. We hope that Art is the best heir to traditions. As one of the posters we found among the documents left by the Council for the Protection of the Former World says, “The world is culture”.

This is what the exhibitions that await you on 18 May are about!

Come to the new building of the Museum of Odesa Modern Art at 5 Belinskogo Street at 9:30 p.m.