“The Fright” by Olena Dombrowska


“The Fright” by Olena Dombrowska


On September 28, the Italian Hall of the Odesa Museum of Western and Eastern Art will host the opening of Olena Dombrovska’s solo exhibition “The Fright”.
Fright is a feeling of impending danger. It occurs uncontrollably and comes in different strengths and shades: from mild anxiety to panic.

The artist was able to transform this feeling, so relevant in our time, into lines and colors, creating a series of works called “Spectacle” and showing the difficulty of dealing with the resulting horror and pain in the format of video art. This work is dedicated to the taboo topic of self-harm. That unbearable stage of inner pain when a person finds salvation only in physical pain. The anxiety emanating from the works is transmitted to the viewer, and the vivid texts articulate the feelings generated.

Dear friends, we would like to tell you that this exhibition is the first result of a new project of long-term joint exhibition activities of the Odesa Museum of Western and Eatern Art and the Museum of  Odesa Modern Art. This cooperation is aimed at developing contemporary art in Odesa in wartime.

This collaboration will be realized in several, so far empty, halls of the OMWEA. We are confident that even after the return of the beloved museum collection to its halls, the cooperation between the MoOMA and the OMWEA will not end, but will find new forms that are relevant to the development of the cultural traditions of our city.




Сurator – Anna Morokhovskaya

Opening on September 28 at 16:00 - free admission.
Address: 9 Pushkinskaya St.