The new exhibition hall opens with the “Music of Spheres” project


The new exhibition hall opens with the “Music of Spheres” project

The Museum of Odesa Modern Art, together with the international festival Odesa Classics, presents the project “Music of Spheres”. The exhibition is based on the works of Odesa artist Oleg Sokolov. Curated by Felix Kohricht and Semen Kantor.

On 30 May, at 7 p.m. the MoOMA invites you to celebrate the housewarming party in the radically renovated exhibition hall and to get acquainted with the exhibition.

Oleh Sokolov (1919-1990) was an avant-garde artist from Odesa, the founder of the unofficial art of Odesa in the 50s-80s of the twentieth century. A researcher of the phenomenon of colour music, he was the founder and conceptual inspirer of the Churlionis Club “Colour, Music, Word”. He was the subject of devastating articles in Soviet newspapers, avant-garde exhibitions and concerts were held in his apartment, and he created a field of intellectual and moral freedom around him.

The MoOMA will showcase works created by the artist in different years. Among them are works dedicated to music, as well as figurative and abstract compositions based on complex associations that immerse the viewer in the author’s world of ideas and images.

Journalist and curator Felix Kohricht:
“Sophistication and naturalness, complexity and clarity, aristocracy and democracy were equally inherent in Oleg Arkadievich personally and in his works – graphics, poems, philosophical reflections, always innovative, filled with Light, Colour and Music.”

In addition to the works from the MoOMA collection, Sokolov’s works from their collections were provided by well-known collectors from Kyiv and Odesa: Larysa Akimenko, Denys Voloshyn, Yevhen Demenok, Eduard Dimshits, Leonid Komskyi, the Kostin family, Dmytro Pedakhovskyi, Petro Rosenkrantz, and Viacheslav Stoyanov. Their support made it possible to create a representative exhibition.

The exposition also includes an epic painting by Alexander Roytburd entitled “Hymn to Demons and Heroes”. The painting has no direct references to specific characters and events, but it is full of drama and is thought-provoking.

The exhibition is co-curated by Semen Kantor, director of the MoOMA:
“Oleksandr Roitburd’s canvas ties the exposition together, acting as the semantic centre of the exhibition. The title of the work and its mood to some extent symbolise the life and work of Oleg Sokolov.”

The poster uses Oleg Sokolov’s work ‘”Round and Around”.


The exhibition is curated by Felix Kohricht and Semyon Kantor.

The opening ceremony will take place on 30 May at 7 p.m. in the exhibition hall of the Museum of Odesa Modern Art (5 Leontovycha St.).

The exhibition “Music of Spheres” will run until 30 June 2019.