Exhibition of the artist Oleksandr Shevchuk “Garden and Park Sculpture”


Exhibition of the artist Oleksandr Shevchuk “Garden and Park Sculpture”

On 28 August, the Museum of Odesa Modern Art will open an exhibition of the cult artist Oleksandr Shevchuk “Garden and Park Sculpture”.

The work of Alexander Shevchuk is an integral part of the history of contemporary art in Odesa, which in the 90s was created by a small circle of people who regularly participated in exhibitions and events. One of these Atlanteans is Oleksandr Shevchuk (Shef, as he was then and is now called).
Shef paradoxically combines conscientious honesty and an unbridled “craving for the strange”. He is a multimedia artist whose work includes everything: objects, installations, videos, computer graphics, actions, but most importantly, photographs.
Shevchuk’s work can be described in the words of the great Pericles: “We love the beauty that lies in simplicity and wisdom without pettiness.”

The Garden and Park Sculpture project will present a series of works in which the author refers to female and male nudes. The nudity in Shevchuk’s “nudes” is deceptive, it is skilfully covered by an invisible drapery of sculpture or irony. In the photo, the bodies are placed in classical compositions on pedestals. Such sculptural groups were widely replicated in sanatoriums and rest homes of the Stalinist Empire period.

The exhibition will also feature archival photographs, objects and videos, and is timed to coincide with the author’s anniversary.

“…The series of works “Garden and Park Sculpture” impresses not only with its exquisite aesthetics, but also with its ingenious laconicism and multilayered associations…” – says the curator of the exhibition Tetiana-Margaryta Siu.

“…Odesa’s actionism of the late 80s and 90s was largely documented by Oleksandr Shevchuk. Documentation is documentation, and the photographer’s task is to remain an anonymous and objective witness. Nevertheless, it is thanks to the active (though implicit) intervention of a talented observer that a number of Odesa actions appear to us today not only as concepts, but also as visual masterpieces…” – says art historian Mykhailo Rashkovetskyi


Curator of the exhibition: Tatiana-Margarita Siu.


Opening on 28 August at 19:00.
The exhibition will last from 28 August to 28 September 2020.
The age limit is 18+.