Project of the Myr Group “Contemporary History of Ukraine”


Project of the Myr Group “Contemporary History of Ukraine”

On January 31, at 18:00, Serhiy Anufriev and Ihor Husiev (MIR group) will present the project “Modern History of Ukraine” in the exhibition hall of the Museum of Contemporary Art in Odesa. The special guest of the opening is Marat Gelman.

The artists address the history of Ukraine, translating events full of drama and tragedy into the language of art. They easily and artistically mix the aesthetics of news streams and the world of children’s fantasies.

“We can say that the project is a form of consolation for the viewer who is tired of searching for a reality to rely on for normative life,” says Serhiy Anufriev about the project.

The exhibition is designed as an eccentric showroom decorated in the style of Roshen confectionery stores. According to the authors, at a certain point in our history, bright showcases turned into a kind of metaphor for reality, which has a mysterious, fairy-tale nature and is filled with allegorical riddles.

“This style, which translates Candyman’s aesthetics into a new language, is the best fit for the organization of the space of perception, which transfers the viewer’s consciousness from the profane sphere of consumption to the sacred space of cognition,” explains Igor Gusev of the exhibition solution.


The project is curated by Tatiana-Margarita Xu.

Artists Serhiy Anufriev and Ihor Husiev have been collaborating since the early 90s. Their first joint project was Aqualia. A few years later, the artists presented the Big Fountain series curated by Margarita Zharkova. The formation of the art group was significantly influenced by the gallery owner Marat Helman. The artists presented their projects in Odesa, Kyiv, and outside Ukraine. In January 2019, the MOMA hosted the Art Fiction exhibition with the participation of the MIR group, curated by Tatiana-Margarita Xu and Serhiy Anufriev.

The first educational event within the project will take place on February 1 at 15:00 - a public conversation between Marat Helman and Serhiy Anufriev: From Cultural Landscape to the Complete Periodic Table of the Arts
Entrance fee with registration is 100 UAH, without registration - 150 UAH.

The exhibition will run until March 29, 2020.
The exhibition hall of the MoOMA
5 Leontovycha St.
Entrance to the vernissage is free, then 40 UAH.