There is a reason – 75!


There is a reason – 75!

As part of the celebration of its 5th anniversary, the Museum of Odesa  Modern Art presents an exhibition dedicated to the 75th anniversary of Mikhail Chereshnya from 16 April to 14 May 2013.

There is an unusual artist in Odesa – Mikhail Chereshnya. He is unusual for his art – subtle, even timid, and also for his fantastic modesty. For many decades, his works have been the centrepiece of any collection. All his new works are sold all over the world almost instantly. So if, despite his modesty, he were to prepare an exhibition (and the artist hasn’t had any exhibitions for a long time), the task would be almost insoluble. You need a very serious argument to decide to organise such an exhibition.
We are grateful to Yevgeny Mikhailovich Golubovsky for this occasion – the artist recently turned 75!

With the assistance of collectors and friends of M. Chereshnya, the MoOMA presents a retrospective exhibition of his works from the last 50 years.
The exhibition includes an early (1962) cityscape and a still life, which is very rare for the author’s work, but most importantly, his subtle portraits (often self-portraits) focused on the inner world of a lonely, thinking person. The exhibition also features works from the 80s. These canvases depict symbolic, somewhat surrealistic, without the slightest sign of individuality, images that exist in some fictional, theatrical world.

We hope that this exhibition will be a worthy gift to the jubilee – an unusual and wonderful artist – Mikhail Chereshnya!