It is not often that Odesa hosts major exhibitions of contemporary Odesa-based (and our Odesa pride does not allow us to call Ivan a resident of Kyiv) photo and media artists.

The title chosen by the author may mislead the viewer who has come to relax in the glow of glamour. Yes, these works are beautiful and do not deal with the “social issues” so beloved by many, but they show an intelligence that is passionate about modeling and analyzing various difficult border situations. Pain and pleasure, the frightening and the alluring, the superficial and the true, the free and the hermetic – all these (rather standard) products of our consciousness are materialized by the author. Many situations are deliberately erotic and shocking, which is also not new. But it works!

The abstract works created by the artist from ordinary situations are extremely interesting. Looking at such works, you remember that abstraction comes from the desire to abstract from details, in search of primary fundamental forms. The technique and talent of the Master allow it. The radiantly expressive or geometrically tense worlds revealed by I. Tsyupka fascinate and delight.

A more detailed description of the new exhibition at the MoOMA is probably not appropriate, as it would be overly narrative and deprive the viewer of freedom and surprise when perceiving the shining world of Ivan Tsyupka.